Amatorska Hodowla Border-Terriera w Polsce "Aniołki Charliego" border terrier

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Karolina and Anika ... brrr ... The water is so cold
The Dog Show, Warsaw 2005 The host 2005 The Santa Claus
I love my doggie The hunting on safari they will cover the table in a minute
Gucci-Cymes teaching SIT bone sharing
I’m sweet Karolina and Gucci always together
but sometimes separated The kiss
catch in a trap I’ve captured the trophy …how much I love you, Maja
She is sweet, I’m telling you The first fetch
A little bit of shadow we are playing hide-and-seek Maybe some water?
How much I love my doggies... ech.. how much I miss my lady an afternoon snooze
the ducks’ hunting has been successful

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