Amatorska Hodowla Border-Terriera w Polsce "Aniołki Charliego" border terrier

» Standard Border Terrier

border terrier
The date of the standard’s publication:
Country of origin:
Great Britain
The date of current standard’s publication:
The FCI classification:
3rd group- terriers
1st section – big terriers and the ones of medium height.
Work’s testing is not demanded.
General appearance:
It is a working terrier in the first place who is capable to keep up with a horse.
The Temper/character:
Brave and energetic.
The Head:
It resembles otter’s head.
The Cranium:
Viscerocranium is of the middle width.
The Nose:
Although black is preferred, a hepatic or a flesh-coloured one is not regarded as a serious defect.
The Muzzle:
Short and firm.
The Dentition:
The jaw should meet in a scissor bite, although tongs bite is accepted too. In scissor bite upper row of incisors reaches lower row without a slit. The teeth are arranged vertically.
Mesiclusion or distoclusion is a serious defect and cannot be tolerated.
The Eyes:
Dark and full of expression.
The Ears:
Small, folding into "V" shape, of medium thickness, dropping to the front, sticking closely to the cheeks.
The Neck:
Of the medium length.
The Body:
Deep, narrow and long enough.
The Loins:
The Chest:
Ribs vaulted moderately, reaching far rear. Embracing the Border with both hands behind the scapula we should have our fingers put together.
The Tail:
Rather short, thick at the bottom, tapering. It is high-set and carried cheerfully. It is not folded above the back.
The Fore legs:
The paws are straight, of the firm skeletal structure and streamlined.
The Hind legs:
Small, with thick pads.
The Motion:
Efficient, allowing dog to keep up with a horse.
The skin:
The Coat:
Rough and thick, with sticking undercoat.
The Colour:
Red, wheaten, grizzle and tan, blue and tan.
Dogs’ weight:
5,9 to 7,1 kg
Bitches’ weight:
5,1 to 6,4 kg
Every divergence of the standard’s points, dependent on the degree of this divergence; is treated as a shortcoming and valued properly, especially; if it influences the efficiency of the terrier. Male dogs should have two testicles in a scrotum developed normally.

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