Amatorska Hodowla Border-Terriera w Polsce "Aniołki Charliego" border terrier

» The Origin

border terrier

The Border Terrier’s motherland is the border between England and Scotland. That is where the name of this dog was taken from. In this region several working races of a terrier were bred. They hunted for foxes and martens. In XVIII century they accompanied hunters on horses which were hunting a game. At the end of XIX century Border Terrier started to be shown on the dog shows as separated race. It was officially regarded as race by British Kennel Club in 1920. 41 Border Terriers have been registered.

While the majority of races have changed its appearance in Kennel Shows, Border Terrier remains unchanged. It is not very showy, that is why the interest in this race is not very extended. It is very popular in Scandinavia, England, Germany and Czech Republic. It is appreciated not only for its great attachment to an owner, but also for its cheerful and gentle character with an attitude towards kids.

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