Amatorska Hodowla Border-Terriera w Polsce "Aniołki Charliego" border terrier

» My story

I’ve learnt of this breed’s existence completely accidentally – adopting a doggie from people who were leaving the country and were unable to take one “member of the family” more. I do not know the reasons, maybe too little space in their car? Lacking of time to take care of the pet? This is how my adventure with this breed began, which has lasted for...

Anika-Dziekanowska Polana is the daughter of Brita from Velkeho Kopce – the first registered bitch of this breed in Poland. I’ve had her since winter 2004. Cymes-Dziekanowska Polana joined our family the same year in February.

I want to thank:

Mariola Remisz, Warsaw
30th May 2006

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